Bringing out the brand story. Revolte wrote the copy and slogan of the brand video for Yarrah.

Yarrah is a wonderful B-Corp that brings the world a better choice in pet food. Because why wouldn't you want the best for you, your pet and the planet. Their products are organic and they have specific recepies for all types of cat's and dogs. Working together with SIEMIEfilms Revolte developed Yarrahs brand story and turned it into a script for their brand video. Determining their tone-of-voice and the right amount of playfulness was a fun puzzle.

"We make our recipes for all types of cats and dogs.
The big boys and the small ones.
The lazy and the chasers."

What started out as a wish to communicate their recyclable packaging turned into a general brand introduction. Yarrah is a certified B Corporation so they aren't in the game just for the money. They want to use their agency to make the world a little better. This is of course a message that needs a megaphone. But to find the right balance between selling yourself ánd your virtues is an interesting balance. So Pimpernel Brouwer of SIEMIEfilms, tasked to produce this video, reached out to us to develop the story and the script.


As a matter of course we also ended up writing a call-to-action for them. A little cheeky, a little proud, but mostly tickling the pet owners love for their fourlegged friends.

The visual identity was created last year by OD Designstudio & Jetske Bouma, with incredible illustrations by Rafael Varona.