Van Pommeren

This old-fashioned store is refitted into a modern urban environment. A new visual identity for a traditional family business.

Our assignment was to find a fresh and eye-catching look, without diminishing the company's rich history.

The new identity also needed to unite the three business units - coffee, kitchenware and maintenance - into one style, whilst being individually recognisable and distinct.

We developed a clear communication strategy with a visual identity that celebrates the name, level of service and decades long experience that Van Pommeren offers.

The company name is firmly rooted. That's why we decided on a simple wordmark to emphasise this solid foundation.

The three supporting colours distinguish the products and services of Van Pommeren. The combined result is an organised, fresh and colourful identity.

"I couldn't be happier with how Revolte helped us find our new look. It fits our family name and clearly explains what we have to offer."

Sebastiaan van Pommeren

We provided the management and employees of Van Pommeren with the tools and knowledge to consistently display and maintain their new visual brand identity.