Customer retention and brandbuilding. Modern brand identity for a company that aims at perfection.

TritonAudio is a high-end audio hardware production company in the Netherlands. Three sound engineers noticed that their audio equipment they had could be improved on, so they just made it themselves. This practical attitude and their passion for music and electronics fueled the companies growth over the last ten years. Their products are sold worldwide and just last year they've had to double their production to meet the growing demand.

The goal

As always we discussed the goals for the brand with our client. After we performed our brand scan, we advised a complete rebrand to create a broader brand awareness under in their growing customer base. But, a rebrand with respect for a couple of key elements to retain the brand equity.

The logo

The art-deco inspired parallel lines are lifted from the old logo, but now they've been put to work to show the essence of TritonAudio: controlling your signals.

TritonAudio brings your sound waves together, or amplifies them. it steers your signal. With TritionAudio you rule the waves.

The diamond shape is another vestige of the old logo. As is the color - though freshened up a few shades. These retain the recognizability of TritonAudio in your music studio.

One of the major improvents is the legibility of the company name. In the old logo, it was very hard to read on the small tin shields that sit proudly on all products. By breaking the name up over two lines, applying clear bold typography and giving it some space to breathe we solved that problem.

The visual identity

Brand awareness is created by consistent communication. Every interaction with your customer needs to reaffirm they're in a conversation with you. Most of TritonAudio's sales are via resellers such as Thomann or Bax. So the customers don't necessarily come to a brick-and-mortar store or visit their website. That is why packaging was a major and essential part of this rebrand.

The signal lines, color palette and typography are unmistakable when your receive your package. On top of that we decided to showcase the technical background of TritonAudio by displaying a schematic illustration of the product on the packaging.