Triton Audio

Welcome to TritonAudio. We believe in sharing our passion for music and audio electronics. This passion created the base for TritonAudio where we design and produce innovative pro audio gear. Our friendship and background in high end audio, mechanical engineering and studio equipment engineering resulted in a strong partnership. We love audio equipment and see it as our mission to create devices that make music sound like a form of art.

The logo positions the company name as the instrument that improves your signal.

Through TritonAudio you can amplify or bundle the sound waves to your specifications. The diamond shape is preserved from their previous logo, and the four lines are an ode to it former art-deco inspired design.

Packaging was a major part of this rebrand. The black and white schematics displayed on the boxes and manuals highlight TritonAudio's identity as an inventor, a tinkerer, a fellow sound tech and gearhead.