A VJ grows up to be a production company. We helped Holland's best visual/light artist with his natural evolution.

ANK1 made its name as a VJ in the festival and night life and grew into a professional production house. The company provides VJs, light installations, video mapping and motion graphics for clients all over the world. This growth and development required a new identity.

ANK1 gives your event a custom made visual experience in perfect sync with the mood and music.

We shortened and cleaned up the company name from VJ Ank1 to ANK1. This is consistent with the expansion of services and personnel. The shortening and capitalization also improved readability.

The mark is based on a pulsing line. A rhythm of light and music. The heartbeat of the event.

Themed VJ shows, location based video mapping, motion graphics design and overwhelming light installations. Anything is possible. Light artistry tailored to your event.

So, what can we do for you?

We made a mark that can do both.

It can be used to strike hard. As an artist's calling card, as a mark on the night. But, when used with some restraint it can also give off a professional, cool and collected vibe. This way it feels at home at the front and back end of the event industry.

"It's incredibly hard for a visual artist to think about the image of your own company. The guys at Revolte Studio really understood what I'm trying to achieve. They developed two concepts for my brand. They were both so good, I couldn't choose. I'm incredibly happy with my new look."

Peter Ankoné
Owner ANK1